Sep 4, 2007

Kara sihi Avalakki

We celebrated Krishna Janmaashtami today. Over the weekend we'd prepared yummy snacks, from which we'd to restrain ourselves with great difficulty :). On the festival day we offer Poha/avalakki along with the snacks to Lord Krishna. I tried making the kara & sihi (sweet) poha. Krishna loves poha. I remember the story of Sudama.

Ingredients: -
Kara: -
1 cup paper Avalakki
1/4 cup fresh grated coconut
2 tbsp oil
3 tbsp kara plain chutney pudi

1 cup paper/hard Avalakki
2 tbsp coarsely powdered bella/jaggery
2 tsp cardamon powder
1/4 cup milk
Method: -
1. Mix avalakki, chutney pudi & coconut with bear hands in a mixing bowl.
2. Add oil & mix well so that the chutney pudi sticks to the avalakki.
1. Warm or cold milk can be used.
2. Add milk, bella & cardamon powder to poha & mix well.

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