Apr 23, 2009


Well AmArz back from his trip. On tuesday I'd the sugar test to check for gestational diabetes. Sugar levels are normal, no gestational diabetes was detected. I'm allowed to take in sugar as before. Though I don't have a sweet tooth these days. More or less something is made spicy to satisfy my craving these days. Oh! How much I'm waiting for my MIL & Mum to show up here, so that I can get to eat all the goodies made back home.

When Asha posted the recipe for the colorful Luchis, I was tempted to try it the same day. But it was too late & for me to cook for a single person thought it was too much. As AmArz back, I thought I would surprise him by making Luchis. He also likes the Kala Chana a lot. I usually make Usli (salad) out of it. But after again going through Asha's post I couldn't resist to try both Luchis & Kala Chana Masala. Hope he likes them.

I found some trivia also for Luchis. In Wikipedia, though it was mentioned as people from Orissa & Bengal make them. But one interesting link also read so "Luchis are traditionally prepared on the fourteenth of Shaban for distribution, along with halva, to the poor in Pakistani communities" Isn't this something new?

Ingredients: -
2 cups Maida
1 ½ tbsp baking powder
Pinch baking soda
1 ½ tsp chili powder
2 ¼ cups milk

Method: -
1. In a mixing bowl, combine Maida, baking powder, baking soda, chili powder, 2 tsp of oil & salt.
2. Knead well by adding milk to get soft dough.
3. Cover the dough with a damp cloth & let it sit for around 30 minutes.
4. Heat oil in a frying pan on medium heat.
5. Divide the dough into the desired size & roll them into 4” – 5” diameter circles. Asha says the thickness has to be around 1/8”. I used a damp cloth to keep the rolled Luchis before frying.
6. Deep fry each of them.
7. When then puff & turn slightly brown on both sides, remove them on a paper towel to drain excess oil & serve hot with any curry or sabji.


Asha said...

Mom and MIL both are coming.How lucky are you? Enjoy. Yeah, you get to rest and they pamper you as well, enjoy! :D

Hope gestational diabetes don't give you too much trouble, it will go away as soon as you have the baby but be careful and follow what Docs say now.They tested me too but I didn't have it.

Luchis look yum and puffy. Thanks for trying! :)

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

OMG Luchis are looking great Ujju, by the way you are gonna have a great time at home with both your Mom and MIL coming... They will have so much to talk to and cook for you... Enjoy dear...