Nov 13, 2007

Paneer Jalfrezi

Jalfrezi is a type of Indian curry in which pieces of vegetables are fried in oil and spices to produce a dry, thick sauce. It is cooked with green chillies, with the result that a jalfrezi can range in heat from a medium dish to a very hot one. Other main ingredients include peppers, onion and tomato. The jalfrezi dates from the times of the British Raj. The name comes indirectly from Bengali jhāl, spicy food, and Urdu parhezī, suitable for a diet.

Ingredients: -
1 cup Paneer, preferably diced
1 big Onion, diced
1 big tomato, cut into pieces or use tomato puree
1 big Capsicum, diced
2 tbsp Oil
1 tsp Jeera
1 tbsp Ginger Garlic paste
1/2 tsp red chili powder
1/2 tsp turmeric
3/4 tsp dhania powder
1 tsp Lemon juice

Method: -
1. Heat oil in a pan & add Jeera, Ginger-garlic paste & onion
2. When the onion edges begin to turn golden brown, add capsicum & salt.
3. Cook for sometime & then add red chili powder, turmeric & dhania powder.
4. Add tomato pieces after 5 minutes. Tomato puree can also be added.
5. When the gravy thickens a little, add the paneer pieces.
6. Cook till the masala binds with the paneer.
7. Add 1 tsp lime juice before removing from flame.
8. Garnish with fried Almond or kasoori methi or coriander.


Asha said...

Love the meaning of Jalfrezi, didn't know that! Looks delicious Ujj. Great color!:))

Shella said...

The paneer jalfrezi looks really good.