Oct 9, 2007


Dasara is my favorite festival. Since childhood I remember celebrating it with full of enthusiasm, buying new dolls, decorating the house, inviting friends home & of course eating lot of snacks prepared by ajji & amma. This is the third year we are celebrating it in Germany. Over the weekend we decorated the place where we'll be keeping dolls with color paper, made the steps & removed the dolls which were safely packed from the speicher (storage in German).
Started the snacks preparation with Nippatt. Nippatt is a popular south Indian snack. It's very simple to make & its very tasty, goes well with Tea time snacks.
Ingredients: -
2 cups rice flour (More the rice flour, crispy the nippattus will be)
1/4 cup maida (Lesser the maida, crispier the nippattus will be)
2 tsp white sesame seeds
1/2 cup besan (Always 1/4th the quantity of rice flour used)
1 tbsp peanuts
1 tbsp kadale pappu/hurgadale
pinch of asafoetida
2 tsp red chili powder
Oil for deep frying

Method: -
1. Roast the peanuts & remove the skin.
2. Crush the peanuts along with the roasted kadale.
3. Mix together the rice flour, maida, besan and 2 tbsp of very hot oil.
4. Knead using a little water into a pliable dough.
5. Mix together the red chili powder, asafoetida, salt & sesame.
6. Add this to the dough & mix well.
7. Make small portions of this dough & flatten each portion into small rounds using a sheet of butter paper or leaf smeared with oil.
8.Heat the oil to smoking point.
9. Deep fry batches of nippatt in the hot oil till brown and crispy.
(Once or twice the nippatts have to be turned)


Sirisha Kilambi said...

I love Nippattus Ujju......Look yummm ;-)

Asha said...

Ujj, I was just writing about Dasara too! I used to go to Mysore with Thatha to watch the procession with Maharaja sitting on top of Elephant in the 60s,now it's Chamundi Devi,right?
I will post mine on 24th.Love Nippattus, brings all the memories.
You can send this post to Viji for RCI!:)

remya said...

looks crispy n delicious !!!!

Taste of Mysore said...

First time in your blog. It was pleasure to see Nippattu. Most of the Kannadiga's have a crazy love affair with Nippattu I believe. Dasara..how much I miss those toys which get whole new shape n design (gombe mane) and the variety of dishes cooked everyday for prasadam!